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Rebecca Smith

University of Warwick pilots Mosaic for their iQTS and PGCEi programmes: A conversation with Associate Professor Georgina Newton

Penrose Education is excited to share how the University of Warwick has piloted the Mosaic ITT platform with their iQTS (International Qualified Teacher Status) and PGCEi (International Postgraduate Certificate in Education) cohorts – trialling how the Mosaic platform can support quality coaching practice and assessment when working with trainees and mentors internationally across a number of countries…

Mosaic Launches New Mentor Training Feature – Trial from June 2023

Join us for the first, kick-off meeting for our new feature – Mosaic for Mentor Training.

This June, 2023, we are launching an additional new service – Mosaic for Mentor Training – a digital platform specifically designed for ITT providers to tackle the challenges associated with providing high quality training for mentors head on.

We are seeking universities and SCITTs to trial from June 2023.