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Collaborative. Transparent. Bespoke.

Mosaic for Mentor Training

Bridging the gap between theory and practice in teacher development

With Mosaic for Mentor Training ITE providers can tackle the challenges presented within the current ITE context.

Deliver highly effective mentor development

Tailor & deliver high quality training to individual mentor needs to meet new mentor training curriculum expectations.

Streamline reporting processes

Clearly evidence mentor hours & development within a curriculum for new time-based training requirements for Ofsted & DfE reporting.

Celebrate mentor experience

Facilitate and track engagement whilst recognising prior experience without patronising or overworking mentors.

Paul Mallaband
Mosaic Co-Founder
Director of Product Development

"Within the landscape of a teacher retention crisis and increasing time-based requirements on mentoring within ITE, the importance of mentor training that delivers both quality and care for mentors has never been more pressing.

We realised that technology could play a crucial role in avoiding needless admin or repetition on the part of the mentor or indeed the provider..."

Tailored to Sector Needs

A game changer for any initial teacher training provider whatever their size. Additionally, any regional partnerships will benefit from the ability to share the mentor training record with one another.

Single organised teacher training tracking platofrm

Integration Options and Collaborations

 We have a planned integration with NASBTT’s Mentor Development Modules and are also exploring more generalised content integration for providers who have their own authoring tools.


Supporting Resource Sharing for Consortia

The ability for consortia to co-author and share content  is coming & will cater to different approaches of working together on content itself (rather than frameworks for mentoring).

Mosaic for ITE: What Educators are Saying

Thank you for acting so quickly to our requests and listening to our ideas for development. You are always solutions focused when we hit any hurdles. It is nice that your company has a personal touch and your team are known individually to us.

Graham Jones

SCITT Lead - Teach SouthEast

It enables us to have oversight of the training and, also, for the trainee to be able to participate in that as well. They can see the targets being set for them, feedback on that, set targets for themselves, communicate with their mentors, and communicate with their professional practice tutors who may be 2,000 miles away.

Georgina Newton

Associate Professor, iQTS - University of Warwick

Mosaic has significantly reduced my workload. Very easy to navigate. Lots of information is stored. Easy to use as reference points. The calendar was extremely useful. 
Weekly mentor meetings were very easy to conduct as there was clear guidance.


Mentor - Prestolee SCITT

Dave Chapman - Assistant Director - Ripley ITT
Jo Jones - Director- George Abbot SCITT

Explore the World of Mentor Training with Mosaic

Discover the latest developments, unique features and benefits of Mosaic for Mentor Training at one of our upcoming events. At Mosaic, we believe in the power of quality education and effective mentoring, and we’re excited to share our latest online tools with you.

Upcoming events

Webinar Series: Unveiling Mosaic’s Features 

Explore the key features of Mosaic through one of our interactive webinars in which you can get a firsthand look at how Mosaic can support you to transform your mentor training to be more efficient and impactful.

Introduction to Mosaic for Mentor Training

Wed 24 Apr 2024 @2pm

Introduction to Mosaic for Initial Teacher Education

Tue 23 Apr 2024 @12pm | Thu 25 Apr 2024 @11:30am

Tue 4 Jun 2024 @10am | Wed 5 Jun 2024 @3pm

Presenter: Robert Caudwell

Mosaic Co-Founder
Director of Stakeholder Engagement

Mosaic for Mentor Training
Pricing and Availability

Available at no extra cost for existing Mosaic customers

Available a standalone product, purchasable from June 2024

Pricing based on the number of trainees per academic year 

Discounts available for: NASBTT members, longer subscriptions, higher trainee numbers and upfront payments

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