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Mosaic Features for ABs

How we can help you to effectively manage and monitor the progress of your Early Career Teachers

Effortlessly manage this entire process with Mosaic’s top features: 


Customisable Progress reviews and assessments

We know that each AB has it's own way of managing ECT assessment.

That’s why we make it extremely easy to tailor progress review and end of year assessment templates, so you can collect the data you need.

You can collect information from any relevant stakeholders and control who sees what.


Effortless Cause for Concern tracking

When using Mosaic, analysing data across ECTs is easy.

All data collected through assessment points is available in a few clicks through our online portal and further summarise across all ECTs so it’s easy to spot who may need further support.

We also have dedicated Cause for Concern tracking, where you can capture key conversations and support plans.


Automated reminders

Mosaic makes working with schools easy.

Ensure all ECTs and Induction Tutors are completing assessments on time by using our automated emails feature to remind ECTs and ITs at the right time.


ECT induction calculator

No more headaches calculating induction dates!

Our induction calculator helps you understand when ECTs need to complete their end of year assessments.

It takes into account:

  • start date
  • terms completed elsewhere
  • absences
  • pauses
  • full-time equivalency

You can always manually update these dates at your discretion.


Integrate with the Teaching Regulation Agency

Working with TRA systems couldn't be easier.

When ECTs are registered, their teacher reference number is automatically looked up with the TRA to confirm qualified teacher status.

We also help prepare bulk upload spreadsheets and automate the transfer of these to the TRA.

The Mosaic Team actively works to understand what we need. They regularly check how our staff would like the platform to work and then prioritise our suggestions in the next steps of development. It feels like features are created with us in mind. The support team at Mosaic have also been very responsive. They have provided training for our team, and been available to support the launch of review points and answer questions about different functionality.

Eleanor Davidson, Deputy Director of Teaching School Hub

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