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Mosaic for ABs

Bridging the gap between theory and practice in teacher development

AB leads have to work with large numbers of stakeholders to ensure quality of progression in early career teaching. They must:

Collect timely and accurate assessment data from large numbers of school partners and ECTs.

Ensure ECTs needing further support, are receiving this from their school.

Comply with all regulations from the Department for Education.

Our mission is to help AB staff to effectively manage and monitor the progress of their registered ECTs.  Mosaic AB minimises workload and helps to ensure the most important interventions can be afforded the right amount of time.

We help you easily collect the data you need to make informed decisions

With Mosaic you can customise progress reviews and end of year assessments, so you can collect the exact data you need, including whether statutory entitlements are being received.

We help you effortlessly identify any cause for concerns

All data collected through Mosaic is instantly available in our monitoring tools, so you can, at a glance, identify any ECTs and induction tutors you need to follow up with.

We calculate and manage individual ECT induction dates

Mosaic makes it easy to understand when induction year ends are due based on FTE fractions, start dates, terms completed, absences and pauses (e.g. for maternity leave).

We manage administrative burdens

When collecting data, Mosaic centralises everything and even helps you send out reminders to induction tutors and ECTs who need to complete their assessments.

We also work with the Teaching Regulation Agency to confirm Qualified Teacher Status and automate uploads.

With Mosaic we can see at a glance which ECTs and Induction tutors have submitted at each round of reviews, enabling us to follow up promptly with these schools. Calculators to pause and restart ECTs on career breaks, track absences and apply extensions help us manage the flow of reports from schools to us. The clear red, amber, green allow us to focus on areas of concern for a specific ECT or look at emerging trends across the cohort at large.

Eleanor Davidson, Deputy Director of Teaching School Hub

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