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Why Mosaic for Initial Teacher Training

With a team experienced in the education sector, we understand that developing quality training programmes is challenging.

Course leads are having to balance multiple, competing objectives, such as:

Ensuring programmes are consistent and fair, without resorting to over-simplifications or tick-boxes.

Incorporating the variety and richness of classroom learning within the course curriculum.

Developing formative content, but without losing sight of summative end-point assessments.

At Mosaic, our mission is to help ITT course providers to deliver holistic, effective trainee development, efficiently – so you can focus on training the next generation of teachers.

We help you shape course content, strengthen communication and analyse results

Mosaic can help you identify trainees and mentors in need of extra support, spot weak areas in the curriculum and improve course content over time.

Why tutors choose Mosaic for improving teacher training
Why Mosaic makes assessment simple during teacher training

We bridge the gap between formative and summative assessment - without the admin

Formally reviewing trainee progress, collating insights and ensuring transparency is made simple with our elegant, user friendly mechanisms. For example, Mosaic’s intuitive tagging mechanism enables trainees to gradually build up a record of their progress across different skills without any additional admin for course leaders.

We manage administrative burdens

Mosaic allows you to easily gather information and analyse progress for individuals and entire cohorts – even when they are out on placement.

Why Mosaic makes admin easier to manage
We bring is all together, which is why Mosaic is loved by ITE course providers

Everything you need, in one place

At its heart, Mosaic provides an open, collaborative and informative space for trainees to progress through their training curriculum. We enable better communication between course leads, mentors, tutors and trainees so that everyone can feel confident about course progress.

Read about the features that make this all possible

Big fan of Mosaic – seems so easy to be organised. The thought of having everything in one big paper portfolio is stressing me out, so what a cool tool!

- Mosaic Trainee

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