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Collaborative. Transparent. Bespoke.

Mosaic for ECF Providers

Bridging the gap between theory and practice in teacher development

Coming in 2025: Mosaic for Early Career Framework (ECF) providers.


Bring together everything you need to support your ECTs and mentors, embed your curriculum and set your requirements in one centralised platform.

Shared Understanding

Ensure ECTs, mentors and yourselves are always on the same page, with easy tools to track progress in real time.

High Quality Mentoring

Empower ECTs & mentors to personalise & contextualise the ECT’s professional development learning experience, when setting targets against your curriculum.

Mosaic for ECF Providers

As a dedicated provider of teacher education software, Mosaic by Penrose Education is thrilled to announce the forthcoming launch of a new version of our platform tailored specifically for Early Career Framework (ECF) providers. Building upon the success of Mosaic for Initial Teacher Education, we are excited to expand our support to the ongoing development of the teaching profession through this specialised platform.

Mosaic is uniquely positioned to assist ECF providers in addressing the key challenges inherent in the evolving landscape of effective early careers provision:

  • Facilitating seamless collaboration and coordination among participants, their schools, programme providers and, in some instances, delivery partners.
  • Balancing the need to deliver a cohesive, sequenced curriculum while tailoring experiences to individualise and contextualise participants’ development within their school environments.
  • Providing sector-driven, user-friendly technology to offer easily monitored, and administrated systems that consider the workload of participants, mentors and staff.

Through our close partnerships with existing providers, we have a demonstrated history of effectively addressing these challenges within the ITTE landscape. We are enthusiastic about extending these same benefits to ECF programme providers, empowering them to confidently and efficiently navigate the complexities of early career development.


Foster Critical Reflective Practice

Encourage ECTs to critically engage with & reflect on their own progress. Use templates to guide and comment boxes to initiate dialogue.

Easy Quality Assurance

Live data tracking, feedback and reminder tools make it easy to zoom in on individual progress and zoom out for oversight and intervention.


Deliver mentor training, track engagement, share resources and build frameworks, whilst recognising & celebrating prior mentor experience.

A seamless transition for student teachers continuing their journey into Early Career Teaching

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Nishka Amin

Early Career Teacher – 2023/24 

Previous ITT Trainee Mosaic User

“If we had been able to continue using Mosaic into ECT – the transition – I think it would have been much nicer in terms of – at the end of last year we set those ECT targets and you would have come back to it and followed up rather than then putting them all into a new system. So I think actually that’s a really great idea and I would have quite liked to have been able to do that.”

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Mosaic for Initial Teacher Education

Bridging the gap between school & centre-based learning | Easy progress tracking & quality assurance

Mosaic for Mentor Training

Supporting consortia | Streamlined reporting | Personalising mentor development

Mosaic for Appropriate Bodies

Customisable assessment tools | Effortless tracking | Teaching Regulation Agency integration

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