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Mosaic by Penrose Education Partners with The MTPT Project in Support of Parent Teachers

28 February 2024

Mosaic by Penrose Education, the online platform for ITE, is pleased to announce a collaborative partnership with The MTPT Project (The MaternityTeacher PaternityTeacher Project), the UK’s charity for parent-teachersOur joint commitment is to support parent educators in achieving professional excellence. Together we will work to enhance support structures for teachers and mentors and visualise our shared goal for improved education outcomes for children and young people.

The MTPT Project

The MTPT Project are the UK’s charity for parent-teachers, supporting colleagues from the very start of their family-planning journey all the way through to balancing their careers in education with young children. They provide coaching, networking and supportive workshops for teachers as they become parents, and work with schools, MATs and CPD providers to create family-friendly working conditions. The MTPT Project are the UK’s expert in the impact of the motherhood penalty on our education sector and have completed important research into women aged 30-39 and how far motherhood influences their decision to leave the classroom.

An increasing number of trainee teachers are considering how parenthood might fit in with their career plans.  Many trainees are already parents, and some might find themselves celebrating a new arrival during their training year.  At The MTPT Project, they know that teaching can be a fulfilling career choice, compatible with parenthood.  After all, which other industry provides a window into our own children’s learning and development, and offers us such long holidays to spend with our own families?

“Partnering with Mosaic enables The MTPT Project to support teachers to make empowered decisions right from the start of their careers: to navigate challenges, remain informed of their rights, and set boundaries that will allow them to balance teaching and parenting in a sustainable way.”

Emma Sheppard
Founder of The MaternityTeacher PaternityTeacher Project

The MTPT Project are the perfect support system for trainees entering the profession, with young families, or those who celebrate a pregnancy, expectancy or new baby during their ITE/ECT years. The MTPT Project offers empowering networking opportunities, practical tips around balancing parenting responsibilities with life as a teacher, and ongoing coaching and personal development opportunities to support a sustainable career in teaching!


Upcoming Event

An online conference sharing practical ways we can address the motherhood penalty in education

At every level, from classroom to head teacher, the gender pay gap in education widens age 35-39, the precise age that female teachers are most likely to become mothers… and most likely to leave the profession.

Join The MTPT Project and WomenEd for their annual Mother of All Pay Gaps conference to understand exactly why the 20.4% gender pay gap in education exists, why it’s increasing, and importantly, what we as individuals and school leaders can do about it. 

This full day, online conference is packed full of workshops, panels and presentation offering practical solutions from industry experts in the motherhood penalty, flexible working, shared parental leave, women in leadership and the protected characteristic of pregnancy and maternity.

Choose from a range of sessions throughout the day from inspiring speakers and panellists, and come away with concrete ideas of how you can support your staff, or what you can do yourself to avoid falling victim to the fiscal motherhood penalty.

Saturday 16th March 2024 at 10am to 4pm

Mosaic by Penrose Education

Rob-Caudwell-circle grey

I am delighted to announce that we are partnering with The MTPT Project. At Mosaic, we have a vision for a teaching profession that is happy, well-equipped, motivated and successful. Our view is that this vision is inherently unattainable without also ensuring that the profession is family-friendly. 

We are proud sponsors of the MTPT’s upcoming conference, and are so excited about the other ways we are going to work together moving forward!

Robert Caudwell
Mosaic Co-Founder

Mosaic by Penrose Education offers a comprehensive suite of easy-to-use tools to help providers bridge the gap between school and centre-based learning. Working with higher education institutions and school centred providers in the UK and abroad, the Mosaic centralised platform ensures providers can: seamlessly manage their ITE courses; ensure a shared understanding of their curriculum and course processes; monitor engagement and trainee progress in real time; facilitate and evidence high quality mentoring;  deliver and track mentor training; foster critically reflective practice and ultimately streamline processes and save time.

Got a question?

We invite you to join the discussion as we work together to support the sustainable parenthood and teaching journey. 

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