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Mosaic by Penrose Education Partners with Critical Publishing

27 March 2024

Mosaic by Penrose Education, the online platform for ITE, is thrilled to announce a new partnership with Critical Publishing, the independent, award winning publisher focused on helping vocational professionals to succeed and thrive in their chosen careers. Our joint commitment is to promote critical practice and empower and support informed teachers through their successful professional development journeys.

Critical Publishing

Critical Publishing, founded in 2012, helps people in vocational professions become the best students and professionals they can be. Their extensive range of print and digital learning resources fosters a critical mindset, encouraging readers to think critically, analyse deeply, evaluate rigorously, question effectively, and challenge conventions. As a result, the Critical Publishing community of readers achieves better skills, increased awareness, and greater success in their chosen professional paths, supported throughout their career journey from aspiring trainees and undergraduates to seasoned professionals in leadership positions. 

Critical Publishing prioritises publishing in vocational areas to support the key professions which hold our society together. With a growing catalogue of over 250 titles and new additions monthly, Critical Publishing is committed to producing up-to-date materials tailored to the dynamic needs of vital professions such as education, social work, healthcare (including the NHS), and law enforcement. These high-stress professions, often subject to frequent policy shifts and legislative changes, demand reliable, up-to date and informed resources to navigate effectively.

“We have been aware of Mosaic by Penrose Education for a while now. It is an impressive platform and we think it offers a very practical and elegant solution to help HEIs and school-based providers manage their ITE courses. We are delighted to be partnering with Mosaic to offer more content to their subscribers.”

Di Page
Director – Critical Publishing

20% Discount - Books & Ebooks

  •  Critical Publishing is dedicated to empowering teachers to excel both academically and professionally. 
  • They are generously offering a 20% discount on books and ebooks to all Mosaic users (including trainee teachers, mentors, instructors, administrators and leaders).

Mosaic by Penrose Education

Rob-Caudwell-circle grey
Robert Caudwell
Co-Founder - Mosaic

“I have long been an admirer of Critical Publishing’s “Critical Guides for Teacher Educators” and have many of them on my bookshelf. They have helped both shape and challenge my understanding of teacher training, education and development. I also think that their “Essential Guides for Early Career Teachers” series that they’ve produced in partnership with NASBTT are fantastic resources for trainee and early career teachers. 

We are delighted to be partnering with Critical Publishing and are so grateful to them for the generous discount they are offering to everyone who uses Mosaic (trainees, mentors and course staff)!” 

Mosaic by Penrose Education offers a comprehensive suite of easy-to-use tools to help providers bridge the gap between school and centre-based learning. Working with higher education institutions and school centred providers in the UK and abroad, the Mosaic centralised platform ensures providers can: seamlessly manage their ITE courses; ensure a shared understanding of their curriculum and course processes; monitor engagement and trainee progress in real time; facilitate and evidence high quality mentoring;  deliver and track mentor training; foster critically reflective practice and ultimately streamline processes and save time.

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