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Event: Pre-Launch Webinar - Mosaic for Mentor Training in ITT (Digital Platform)

Wed 3 May 2023 – 12:00 pm – 12:45 pm

Join us for an introduction to “Mosaic for Mentor Training” – a platform for the effortless management of high-quality training for ITT mentors.

Mosaic by Penrose Education provides online solutions that help universities and SCITTs (School Centred Initial Teacher Training Providers) effortlessly manage all processes involved in successful teacher training.


Mosaic for Mentor Training

This June we are launching an additional new service – Mosaic for Mentor Training – a digital platform specifically designed for ITT providers to tackle the challenges associated with providing high quality training for mentors head on.

We are seeking universities and SCITTs to trial from June 2023.

Essentially, through Mosaic, ITT training providers will be able to guide mentors through their training and utilise built-in reflective, feedback and assessment tools to monitor the impact in real-time.

We are also keen to support groups of providers looking to work together in their mentor training to share resources and provide a seamless experience for mentors working in shared geographies.

We’ll also be exploring ways for 3rd party mentor training content to be used within the platform e.g. NASBTT Mentor Development Modules.

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Robert Caudwell


An experienced leader of teacher training, overseeing design and delivery of a diverse range of courses. A former teacher, with experience in EdTech, impact evaluation and research

Wed 3rd May 2023

12.00p.m. - 12.45p.m.

Mosaic has helped us to significantly streamline our assessment processes and has given us a greater ability to monitor what is happening in each of our schools. It has eased the workload of trainees, mentors and my staff; something we are very mindful of as a team.

– Sophie Allchin, Director, Midessex SCITT

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