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Transforming the role of assessment in teacher training.

Holistic. Effective. Powerful.

Bridging the gap between theory and practice

Our mission is to help ITE course providers provide holistic, effective and powerful support for their trainee teachers. That’s why we built Mosaic, an online platform that provides:

  • Ongoing, formative assessment tools, built around your curriculum, that enable a shared understanding of progress
  • Seamless integration of formative and summative assessment that avoids a premature focus on the Teacher Standards
  • A single, easy-to-use space for your trainees, mentors and staff to record, track and personalise trainee development
  • Thoughtful connections to your other systems and processes to eliminate all unnecessary workload for everyone

Made with Trainees

We have developed our platform working alongside real teacher trainees.

At every step of the design process, we have consulted with trainees about how we can best help them to:
a) develop truly reflective practice,
b) make fantastic progress and
c) eliminate all unnecessary workload.

Made for Mentors

Feedback is key to any trainee's success. We enable mentors and tutors to better understand their trainees and then deliver feedback that's accurate, timely and powerful.

Our platform allows progress tracking to automatically 'fall-out' of all the ongoing feedback and instructional coaching practices already taking place.

Made by Providers

We've used our experience working in teacher training to design a platform that allows you to support and care for all the emerging needs of each individual trainee, and simultaneously helps you to identify cross-course patterns, strengths and areas to improve.

Our platform manages to do all this while saving your staff huge amounts of time.

Why tutors choose Mosaic for improving teacher training

This is our first year of working with Mosaic but the whole process has been very positive and supportive. The Mosaic Team have constantly worked with us to develop the system to meet our training and assessment needs. They regularly ask for feedback from course leaders, mentors, and trainees to ensure that Mosaic is as user-friendly as possible.

SCITT Course Lead

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