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Supporting excellence in teacher training and development

through thoughtful and powerful technology

We believe that better teacher training can be achieved by eliminating all the unnecessary admin workload around trainee development.

That’s why we built an online platform that provides a single, easy-to-use space for your trainees, mentors and staff to record, track and personalise every element of the journey.

Why tutors choose Mosaic for improving teacher training

Mosaic for ITT Providers

Formative assessment tools | Integrate your own curriculum | Personalise trainee development

Mosaic for Appropriate Bodies

Customisable assessment tools | Effortless tracking | Teaching Regulation Agency integration

A strength of Mosaic is that it provides a clear framework and expectations of what a mentor, trainee and members of the ITE team need to do. This has had a notable effect on processes being completed when they should be and completed effectively.

Kate Brimacombe, Associate Director at Marjon University

With Mosaic we can see at a glance which ECTs and Induction tutors have submitted at each round of reviews, enabling us to follow up promptly with these schools. Calculators to pause and restart ECTs on career breaks, track absences and apply extensions help us manage the flow of reports from schools to us.

Eleanor Davidson, Deputy Director of Bright Futures Teaching School Hub

Made with Developing Teachers

We have developed our platform working alongside real teachers and trainees.

At every step of the design process, we have consulted these developing teachers to ensure a seamless experience with minimal workload, with tools to support them at the right time in their progression.

Made for Mentors and Tutors

Feedback is key to any developing teacher's success. We enable mentors and tutors to better understand their trainees and ECTs to deliver feedback that's accurate, timely and powerful.

Our platform allows progress tracking to automatically 'fall-out' of all the ongoing feedback and instructional coaching practices already taking place.

Made by Providers

We've used our experience working in teacher training to design a platform that allows you to support and care for all the emerging needs of each individual trainee or ECT, and simultaneously helps you to identify cross-course patterns, strengths and areas to improve.

Our platform manages to do all this while saving your staff huge amounts of time.

This is our first year using Mosaic and in many respects it has transformed the way we communicate with trainees and mentors. From keeping every stakeholder up to speed with our weekly programme, to ensuring consistency across training materials, assessment and monitoring, Mosaic has become the focal point of our daily interactions and is now integral to the successful delivery of all our programmes.

Dr Nick Walmsley, Deputy Director of Ripley ITT (2023)

Although ITT is going through a period of change, Mosaic has provided something that will be central to the change, a platform to centralise an ITT curriculum. Mosaic has been developed at the right time when we find ourselves in a world where time matters, teacher workload needs reducing and retaining teachers is so important.

Clarissa Horton, Deputy Head of Prestolee SCITT

Mosaic has made our lives so much easier from a paperwork point of view; being able to monitor reflections and targets means we have an overview to support our judgements.

Louise Sage, Primary Programme Manager at Essex Primary

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