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Collaborative. Transparent. Bespoke.

Mosaic | The Teacher Training & Education Platform

Bridging the gap between theory and practice in teacher development

A comprehensive suite of easy-to-use tools to support providers running teacher training and education programmes


Bring together everything you need to support your trainees, teachers and mentors, embed your curriculum and manage your course in one centralised platform.

Shared Understanding

Ensure trainees, teachers and mentors and tutors are always on the same page, bridging the gap between school and centre based learning, and track progress in real time.

High Quality Mentoring

Empower trainees, teachers and mentors to personalise & contextualise their learning experience, when setting targets, against your overall curriculum & course design.

Mosaic by Penrose Education

Rob-Caudwell-circle grey

Robert Caudwell
Mosaic Co-Founder

“Our dream is for an education sector full of happy, motivated and skilful teachers. Teacher education, training and development is absolutely key in bringing this about.

We created Mosaic because we saw too many teacher training and education providers either resorting to poorly fitting, misaligned, generic tech tools to manage their programmes – or not really using technology at all, because they felt nothing suited their needs. We asked ourselves what a teacher development platform that had been custom built for the sector would look like, and then set out to make this a reality.

Along the way, we have refined and developed our offer in dialogue and partnership with the growing number of training and education providers in the UK and Australia who trust us to support their programmes. We now have a wonderful, configurable and ever-improving platform that we genuinely believe could offer invaluable support to any teacher development programme. We’d love to show you what we can offer.”

Foster Critical Reflective Practice

Encourage trainees and teachers to critically engage with & reflect on their own progress. Use templates to guide and comment boxes to initiate dialogue.

Easy Quality Assurance

Live data tracking, feedback and reminder tools make it easy to zoom in on individual progress and zoom out for cohort level oversight and intervention.


Deliver mentor training, track engagement, share resources and build frameworks, whilst recognising & celebrating prior mentor experience.

Our Valued Partners


Dave Chapman - Assistant Director
Ripley ITT
Nishka Amin - Trainee Teacher
GLF Teacher Training
Jo Jones - Director
George Abbot SCITT

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Mosaic Services

We offer stand-alone tools for specific functions relating to teacher training and development. 

Whatever your needs, get in touch and let’s discuss how we might assist.

Mosaic for Initial Teacher Education

Bridging the gap between school & centre-based learning | Easy progress tracking & quality assurance

Mosaic for Mentor Training

Supporting consortia | Streamlined reporting | Personalising mentor development

Mosaic for ECF Providers

Enabling seamless collaboration | Balancing cohesive curriculum delivery with personalised experiences

Mosaic for Appropriate Bodies

Customisable assessment tools | Effortless tracking | Teaching Regulation Agency integration

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