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How does Mosaic support me?

The digital formative and summative platform that facilitates your practice

Tracking the progress of trainees as they learn to teach has always been a challenge. It needs to be formative but without losing sight of the summative end-point assessment. It needs to be consistent and fair without resorting to over-simplifications or tick-boxes. It needs to acknowledge the breadth and richness of learning trainees will experience while still being true to the course’s overall curriculum.

At Mosaic, our mission is to help ITT course providers offer holistic, effective and powerful trainee development.

This is how we do it.

Unifying platform that facilitates developmental conversations between trainees, mentors and course leads

At its heart, Mosaic provides an open and collaborative space for trainees to record targets and reflect on key learning moments.

With Mosaic, mentors, tutors and course leads are able to join in the conversation and support trainees every step of the way, with all interactions in one place.

Holistic formative assessment tools, linked to your curriculum

Mosaic incorporates your curriculum into centre- and school-based learning by allowing trainees to reflect and set targets across your curriculum areas and during all elements of their training.

We’ve also been working on our own breakdown of the CCF - if you’re interested in hearing more, get in touch!

Bridging the gap between formative and summative assessment, without the admin

Mosaic provides elegant mechanisms for formally reviewing trainee progress, bringing trainee and mentor insights together with all records collected so far, making the process effortless and transparent.

Along the way, Mosaic’s intuitive tagging mechanism enables trainees to build up their QTS portfolio without any additional admin burden.

Supporting proactive intervention and course improvement through targeted cohort and curriculum insights

By keeping all of the formative assessment and summative assessment data in a single place, Mosaic is then able to easily draw out insights for course leaders.

Mosaic can help you spot weak areas of the curriculum across a cohort, mentors and trainees who need additional support and help you prepare for course improvement over time.

We also integrate with your cloud storage systems

Removing another admin headache, we also take care of all your file sharing needs by integrating seamlessly with Google Drive and Onedrive.

Or you can use Mosaic’s own file storage if you’d prefer.


We love talking to new providers about their approach to curriculum and assessment, and whether Mosaic might be able to help. Use the form below to ask any questions or to simply get in touch. Someone from our team will get straight back to you.

Big fan of Mosaic – seems so easy to be organised. The thought of having everything in one big paper portfolio is stressing me out, so what a cool tool!

- Trainee at London South Bank University

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